One of the things I learned very quickly when I started out doing photography for property sales is that you can't always guess what the inside of a property will be like from the outside. It can work both ways: sometimes you smile seeing what looks like a beautiful home from outside only to find an utter mess once you get through the door, but in my experience the opposite is more common.

Today's example is that way round. When I got the job to photograph a flat over the shops in Stevenage Town Centre I didn't expect much. Here's the 'front'...

The flat is the one directly above "NEFS", a food place I'm not sure I've ever seen open. Go round the back to the access way and you find this:

There it is. Right at the top of these stairs. Lovely, yes? And yet the agent had told me this one was 'really nice'. Could it be? I'll let you be the judge of that...

You'll note that in some rooms the blinds are down as the vendor didn't especially want me to get the 'views', but you know what? I'm quite pleased with this one from the balcony, showing the Town Square Clock in the background. 

Currently on the market with Haart Stevenage here



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