As I continue to photograph property interiors, so my personal list of "things I find ugly" grows. Perhaps top of the list is Wheely Bins, but I also count power cables, garden hoses, washing lines and all sorts of other things. On my hit list is Shower curtains, which are (almost always) ugly things.

So how to avoid them? A bit of digital magic, that's how.

Take one shot with it one end...

...another with it the other end...

Use half of each shot, and hey presto - no more ugly shower curtain. 

This is a useful technique that can be used to hide so much more than shower curtains. Those wheely bins I mentioned?  Well, I could drag them all the way down the drive to put them behind me. Or I could just move them a short way and blend two shots. Matching bedside lights with only one working bulb? (Surprising how often I find that one.) Shoot once, switch the bulb over, shoot again, job done.  I've even vanished a trampoline the vendor didn't want in shot using this technique.